sunnybook ballroom

Matt & Sarah | Sunnybrook Ballroom

Since winter decided to show its face again after taking February off, I thought I'd take the opportunity to do a little catching up on blogging!   

Sarah and Matt's wedding was such a perfect November day.  We had an insanely busy fall full of photos and other commitments and this day was such a breath of fresh air as well as a great way to end the season.  First off, the details of this wedding were really fun -- I loved the way Sarah was able to incorporate that bold red in such a gorgeously subtle way.  A November wedding can sometimes run the risk of being a little Christmassy, and Sarah and Matt's was SO not!  Also, note how great Matt's family's antique Milk Truck is!  These two were so fortunate to have such an amazing little piece of their heritage as a part of their day.  We loved photographing them with it and can only hope our shots did it justice.

More important than all of that though, was just the love Sarah and Matt share and how perfectly their wedding expressed it.  Sarah's dad gave such a lovely toast at the wedding.  He talked about how Sarah and Matt came from the same place in life.  They each had a strong foundation in their love for their families, for God, and for each other.  I thought this really summed up their relationship perfectly -- these are two of the sweetest, most generous people you'll ever meet and we really had a great time documenting their day.  I hope you enjoy this little peek at their wedding!