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Photograper Crushes, Personal Style, and Katie in the City

Something you may or may not realize about being more-than-a-little obsessed with photography is that it comes with "photographer crushes."  Ask anyone who takes themselves even remotely seriously when it comes to creating photos and they'll likely be able to rattle off about five photographers whose work or business prowess inspires them.  Some of mine?  Jordan Voth, Lauren Scotti, and Grant Daniels.  Recently, though, I've been in love with the words and philosophies of Lissa Chandler, who writes amazing tutorials and is an avid blogger in addition to being a wildly good photographer.  Lissa recently compiled a series of tutorials on one the forums I'm a member of.  The tutorials focused on communicating your style as a photographer.  One of my favorite lines Lissa wrote was "show what you want to shoot" and I really took it to heart.  

This year, I've done a lot of "free" work, or work for product trade.  While I (of course) need money, taking it out of the equation in some instances has allowed me to slow down, hone my style, and take control of sessions where I sometimes might have felt obligated to follow a vision that wasn't my own.  The funny thing?  I've gotten so much positive feedback on my pro bono work!  To me, it speaks volumes.  It means that my voice is coming through in the photos I create and I'm producing honest, organic, heartfelt work.  The love I'm pouring into each photo is communicated back out to the viewer, and that's the biggest goal I could ever have when I raise a camera to my eye.  When I share anything with anyone, it's because I want the people I photograph in the future to choose me because they love what they've seen coming from me all along.  

That said, in the spirit of "showing what you want to shoot" I'm adding a few personal photos to the end of this blog.  These photos are of yesterday's adventures in the city with my best girl Katie.  Each year on spring break, we have a girl date, and yesterday we just had brunch and wandered the streets of Philly.  I took a series of portraits and I'm just in love with them.  They're exactly the kind of shots I love to do -- quirky, filmy, and authentic.  They make me excited about spring and summer, excited about photography, and excited about life in general.  As always, a big thanks to Katie, who is forever patient with being my model and never complains when I saturate the internet with her photos!  

Nicole & Morgan

Long time no blog, friends!  As you'll see, I'm posting a little something on my blog which is on this snazzy new website I've been slaving over (and still is a massive work in progress).  I took a little blogging break for most of the winter and thought I'd come back with a bang and share one of my favorite sessions as of late.  

Recently, I took a wedding photography course with Bre Thurston through my beloved Clickinmoms.  I had an assignment to photograph a couple in love.  I had to really focus on capturing emotion an connection.  Since I like a good challenge, I figured I would try to work with a couple that was new to me.  It would be easy to pose and evoke smiles from a couple whose buttons I know how to push, so I put out a call on my facebook page and offered a free session to a willing couple.  I was thrilled to see a message in my inbox from Nicole, who I went to school with for most of my life!  Nicole and I have a lot in common (beyond a really embarassing third grade soccer team picture) but I hadn't seen her since high school graduation.  I of course jumped at the opportunity to see her once again, and to meet her beautiful girlfriend Morgan.

We decided to shoot in downtown Quakertown, which is our very quaint little hometown. It turned out to be this amazingly warm and gorgeous February day, and we were really able to make the most of the hour we spent together.  I'm so grateful to have had Nicole & Morgan volunteer their time, and I'm so psyched to share a few of our images!

Kyle & Corinne, The Sequel

Far and away, my favorite part of this little journey in photography is the people I get to meet.  Corinne and Kyle are no exception.  While our circles of friends have crossed for several years, Dave and I have been fortunate enough to become closer with this fantastic couple over the past few months.  Kyle and Corinne were married at Stonebrook Farm in May.  You may remember their gorgeous, rustic wedding from this post here.  It was a gem! Anyway, as soon as I finished working with Corinne, I knew I wanted to do something fun and creative with her again.  The girl is small but mighty, and her brain is constantly dreaming of beautiful things.  I brought up the idea of doing a styled shoot in the spirit of their wedding and of course, she was on board!  She even had her original friend-turned-florist Cassie make her a new bouquet and a flower crown (swoon!).  Stonebrook farm was kind enough to welcome us back again, and together we created some gorgeous images, which I'm psyched to share with you today.