Nicole & Morgan

Long time no blog, friends!  As you'll see, I'm posting a little something on my blog which is on this snazzy new website I've been slaving over (and still is a massive work in progress).  I took a little blogging break for most of the winter and thought I'd come back with a bang and share one of my favorite sessions as of late.  

Recently, I took a wedding photography course with Bre Thurston through my beloved Clickinmoms.  I had an assignment to photograph a couple in love.  I had to really focus on capturing emotion an connection.  Since I like a good challenge, I figured I would try to work with a couple that was new to me.  It would be easy to pose and evoke smiles from a couple whose buttons I know how to push, so I put out a call on my facebook page and offered a free session to a willing couple.  I was thrilled to see a message in my inbox from Nicole, who I went to school with for most of my life!  Nicole and I have a lot in common (beyond a really embarassing third grade soccer team picture) but I hadn't seen her since high school graduation.  I of course jumped at the opportunity to see her once again, and to meet her beautiful girlfriend Morgan.

We decided to shoot in downtown Quakertown, which is our very quaint little hometown. It turned out to be this amazingly warm and gorgeous February day, and we were really able to make the most of the hour we spent together.  I'm so grateful to have had Nicole & Morgan volunteer their time, and I'm so psyched to share a few of our images!